May 2016

Announcements 5/11/16

Locker Clean Out


Bartlett High School Morning Announcements

May 11, 2016


Student Announcements


Locker clean out is Monday, May 16th, please start taking things home and be prepared to empty your locker on Monday.


Doody                                                                        5/11 – 5/16


Last Day for baked potatoes. Yep.....You heard it right.  Friday, May 13th is our last Baked Potato Day @ lunch and we are buying a TON!!! Come one come all and help support the dance program & cheerleaders of Bartlett High School. Loaded Baked Potatoes are sold in main place at lunch for only $5.00 - Topping Choices: Butter, Bacon, Chili, Cheese (shredded or the good kind that clogs your arteries!), Sour Cream, Chives and Salt & Pepper. * for extra items please donate an extra $1.00


Carey, M                                                                    5/11 – 5/13


Attention ETS Students - there will be no after-school tutoring this week due to high school graduations. Ms. Kelly will be in the CRC during the day Tuesday through Thursday, but after-school tutoring is canceled! Juniors, don't forget, if you want to attend the ETS Summer College Prep Academy, come see Ms. Kelly to get registered!


Foran                                                                         5/10 – 5/12


Start next school year off right as part of Bartlett's cross country running team. We'll be meeting in room 414a during lunch this week to discuss summer hiking, training, and the 2016 racing season. Bring a friend and come meet us in room 414a.


Grenier                                                                       5/9 – 5/12


Bonjour, Bears, Are you a level 2 or above French student? Are you interested in traveling to France next spring break? There will be a parent student meeting this Thursday at 5:30 pm in Rom 214 D. Contact Madame Hearn for more information.


Hearn                                                                         5/9 – 5/12


The Bartlett High Tennis coaches want to meet with any students who will be playing tennis for the Golden Bears next year.  The meeting is Friday, May 13th right after school in the Activities Office.


Little                                                                          5/9 – 5/13


Students! Summer school applications are all in! We have the following applications: BHS summer school, ASD Ischool summer school, and KCC summer school. Please see your counselor for more information AND for the applications.


Elliott                                                                         5/4 – 5/19


Attention Juniors (class of 2017)! Please submit your Senior Hoodie designs to Mrs. Jensen by today at 2pm. Please have the proposals include color scale.


March                                                                        5/4 – 5/11