Focused on Learning - Letter From Mr. Prince

Bartlett High School Wide Expectations


March 28, 2017

Dear Bartlett Parents:

I would like to take a moment to share with you an exciting new time here at Bartlett High School.  The staff and I are looking forward to creating a more engaging community every day and all day with a “Focus on Learning”.  As a family of Bartlett staff we are dedicated to the full education of our students, not only in an academic sense, but also as a society of people who are engaged with each other.  To support this process, some expectations of the staff, parents, and students need to be modified.  With your help, the dedication of the Bartlett staff, and positive conversations with students, I believe we can continue to build an atmosphere of respect, community commitment, and higher academic success.

Please discuss the following items with your student(s).

“Focused on Learning”

Bartlett High School Wide Expectations


Cell Phones/Electronic Devices:

  • Electronic Devices may not be out during instructional time unless a teacher is having the students use it as an instructional tool.  Phones are only to be used before school, during lunch, and after school. Phones may be used during passing periods.

Ear Buds:

  • No ear buds/earphones are to be seen or worn on campus from the time you come into the building until 2:00pm. This includes passing periods and lunch.  When students enter campus, they are to not have ear buds or earphones of any kind, including speakers and amplifiers.

Dress Code:

  • No clothing that has provocative or negative images or language.  Please remember if the image on the shirt is not in compliance with the dress code, then the student is not in compliance with the dress code.
  • Straps on tank tops must be 2 inches wide.  No undergarments are to be exposed. No tube tops, halters, short shorts. Midriff area must stay covered at all times.
  • No sagging pants, gloves, or face coverings are acceptable to include hoods and bandanas.
  • Hats may be worn.

Absences and Tardies:

  • Being on time and at school all day is vital for your student’s academic success.  If your child is absent or tardy, it must be excused within three days.  Please note - a tardy is a tardy whether excused or not and will count towards appropriate consequences.
  • Blue passes must be requested through the main office or attendance line prior to 1 pm.  No students will be called out of class after 1:45 pm.


A school wide review of these changes will take place on Friday, March 31, 2017.  The changes will take effect Monday, April 3, 2017.  Each year at the beginning of school, these expectations will be reviewed by the students and staff.   Thank you in advance for your support.  The staff and I are looking forward to a more engaged community these changes will bring, allowing for positive academic and social interactions between students and staff.



Sean Prince

Principal, Bartlett High School