February 2017

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Black history spotlight week.


Bartlett High School Morning Announcement

Monday, February 21, 2017


Student Announcements


A Spotlight on Black History: Matthew Henson was an African American explorer best known as the co-discoverer of the North Pole with Robert Edwin Peary on April 6, 1909. In 2000, the National Geographic Society posthumously awarded Matthew Henson its highest honor—the Hubbard Medal. Henson's great niece, Audrey Mebane, accepted the award at the Matthew Henson Earth Conservation Center in Washington, D.C.

Taylor-Winchester   2/21


Stunt Cheer will be holding their first meeting with the coach on Wednesday, February 22 at 2pm at the Activities Office. Stunt Cheer combines tumbling, dancing and cheer into a competitive sport. February 22 at 2pm in the Activities Office, Stunt Cheer.

Little    2/21 - 2/22


HOSA members....your online testing starts Tuesday the 21st. Make sure you check in with your teacher before coming to test. All testing must be completed by March 3rd at 2pm.  HOSA members must bring $5.00 for the bus.

Stone   2/21 - 2/23


HOSA members....we are having our Ice Cream Social today at lunch. Bring your toppings for the ice cream.

Stone   2/21


Is your math class getting hard? Is your constant use of slader.com finally catching up with you? Come get help now before it's too late! After School Math Tutoring in room 226 Monday and Wednesday from 2:00 -3:15.

Lanzarone   2/17 - 3/7


Time is running out to purchase your 2016-2017 yearbook. Don’t let time get away from you! Last day to purchase with Ms. Crosby using cash or check is Thursday, March 9th. Last day to purchase with credit card through Zangle is Thursday, March 9th. Online credit card purchases through Yearbookforever.com is Friday, March 17th. We do not order extra so order yours today.

Jensen   2/17 - 3/3


From the library ~ We are always looking for our readers but now we are looking for our artsy bears. If you like to paint, doodle, or just be crafty we have two super opportunities for you. One is simple and can be done during lunch - Come design and paint book ends to be displayed and used on shelves. The second is a contest! We want display your picture on the windows. There will be several winners so please come get the requirements in the library and create a winning Bartlett picture to be put in the windows, mimicking stained glass. As always Go Bears! and as always from the library ~ Read! Read! Read! and now come be artsy!

Legg   2/16 - 2/22


Attention students: On the Bartlett website is a link to a Student Climate and Connectedness survey in the School News area. Please complete the survey by February 24th.

Wilber   2/16 - 2/23


Bartlett High Softball will be having a lunch meeting in room 221 on Wednesday, February 22nd. Coach Carey will be there to meet players, give information, and answer questions. Pizza and drinks will be provided. Again, Bartlett Girls, softball, lunch on February 22nd, computer lab by the Activities Office.

Little   2/16 - 2/22