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Bear tracks 
Hey Golden Bears! During the month of April we had many events that went on.. Our biggest event was Prom. Aside from that we also had, our Pep assembly, Harvey play, Yearbooks were released, a backpack drive, Standing Against Racism Day, and Senior Fun Day. 

Harvey Play
To end the school year with one last play, Bartlett’s theatre group put on a play about the storyline of a man who was delusional and had an imaginary rabbit as his best friend. His family and friends were concerned about his condition and he was sent to rehab. As the kind gentleman he is, he twisted the problem. Overall, the play was a success and it was enjoyable by all who attended. 

Backpack drive
The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Club ran a backpack drive during the month of April to collect backpacks for teens that are LGBT at the Covenant House. The backpacks included school supplies and hygiene products. Overall, they collected about 20 full backpacks. 
Standing Against Racism 
April 29th is Standing Against Racism Day. At the girl's and boy’s varsity soccer game, Mr. Prince made an announcement to talk about how Bartlett stands against racism. People who wore orange got into the games for free. The girl’s game was at 5:15 and the boy’s was at 7:15. Although both teams weren’t victorious the event was still a success.     

Senior Fun Day
Senior Fun Day was held at Kincaid Park on April 29th from 9am-1pm. Seniors who purchased a senior hoodie or a senior fun day ticket were allowed in. The events that are happening at senior fun day is bungee running, sumo wrestling, competitive games, raffle prizes, pizza, burgers, and a Dj. Overall, Senior fun day was a fun filled day for the class of 2016. 

Pep Assembly
Prom’s Pep Assembly took place on April 15th after 6th period.The games went well. Games that were played were graveyard run where ten students from each class participated in, next being the burrito game where a student from each class was wrapped in a blanket, and the last was the obstacle course/relay race. Also, Bartlett’s Performance Dance class a great crowd routine. Also, introduced prom royalty to the students and teachers. Overall, our last pep assembly of the school year was definitely a blast!   

Yearbooks were passed out on the 21st of April. There were extras in the stock clerk for students who didn’t order, that were sold for 80$. 

Ms. Jessica Spencer will be the new Student Government advisor starting the 2016/2017 school year. If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate in contacting her. 


Hey Golden Bears! We have had a great start to this semester. In the month of February we had a successful spirit week, pep assembly, and spring dance. Also, senior hoodies and CRUSH grams were a big hit. Over the month of March, we have been promoting suicide awareness and prepping for prom.



Over the week of February 21st to the 25th, we had a spirit week. Monday was Mopey Monday, Tuesday was Marvel vs. DC, Wednesday was black out white out, Thursday was Neon/80’s Day, and Friday was Class Color Day. We had a successful turnout in this spirit week and we hope to see more participants in the next one!



February 25th was our pep assembly and it was a blast! Mr. Brodsky came back as a guest MC for the assembly, the Bartlett Performance Dance Class performed a great routine, Mr. Prince, Mr. Klein, and Mr. Milsap got pied in the face, and the Bartlett gym was roaring with spirit. We hope to see more spirit from you all during the next pep assembly!



The new shipment of senior hoodies will be distributed Tuesday, March 8th and Thursday the 10th during lunch in front of Mrs. Thibault’s room. Senior hoodie sales will be continued in April on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s during lunch in mainplace.



During the beginning of February Student Government sold Crush grams for a $1 and they were distributed Friday the 12th.



During the month of March, Bartlett will be hosting suicide awareness. A guest speaker, Lindsay Henkelman came in on Monday the 7th and talked with students about the topic. Every Wednesday will be a spirit day to dress up in purple and/ or turquoise! Spirit points will be collected in front of The Wall Of Hope during lunch. Also, when you come to sign up for spirit points there will be a little piece of paper you can write a hopeful, positive, or encouraging message on. Student Government will post them to the Wall Of Hope out in main place for the school and visitors to see. We hope to have the wall of hope filled up with many positive messages.


That’s it for this month’s Bear Tracks, stay in tune for more events/ information that is coming up!



Hey Golden Bears! We’d like to announce our great start of the new year and school semester. In the month of January we have been organizing and prepping for our near future events. In February we will be holding a pep assembly, the spring dance, selling CRUSH soda grams, and senior hoodies.


Spirit Week

Get ready for another great and fun spirit week! This spirit week will be from the 22nd to the 26th, so be sure to participate. Monday is Mopey Monday, so dress in Pj’s or any lazy and comfy wear. Tuesday is Marvel vs DC, so wear something that represents either side of super heroes. Wednesday is white out black out, so dress in either all black, or all white! Thursday is neon 80’s day, so wear anything neon or from the 80’s. And lastly, Friday is class color day. So freshmen wear red, sophomores green, juniors yellow, seniors blue, and faculty purple. Remember, the class with the most spirit points wins a pizza party at the end of the year.


Pep assembly

This pep assembly will not only be fun and exciting, but also messy. We are giving the student body a chance to throw a pie in the face of a faculty member, security guard, or admin, with the purchase of a $1 raffle ticket. Keep in mind, the more tickets you buy, the better chance you have to pie one of them. Accompanying this, will be more games where students will go against other students from the other classes in order to find the winner of this pep assembly. Class winner will receive a pizza party at the end of the year.



In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we will be selling CRUSH sodas you can send to your special someone. Sodas are $1 and will be available for purchase February 4th to the 11th. They will be delivered on February 12th during 3rd hour.


Senior Hoodies

Seniors, we are taking orders for senior hoodies, so be sure to see Mrs. Thibault. Remember, senior hoodies are your tickets to senior fun day!


Remember to keep posted for important announcements, and keep participating! We look forward to a continuous great year.



Our Prom was on April 16th, at the Egan Center. The theme was Bollywood, and our decorations had vibrant colors. We had a henna artist that gave out free henna tattoos. For photos, we had Lifetouch assist friends, and couples who wanted memorable photos of the night. Photos can be picked up at school the following week. Overall Prom 2016 was a huge successful night.



The Spring Dance was also held on February 25th in the yellow hall cafeteria. The theme was Electric Avenue. People had a blast and there was a nice turnout.


Prom will be held at the Egan Center on April 16th from 7:30 to 11:30. Stay in tune to find out the theme about your 2016 Prom! The theme will be revealed on 3/21/16.




The spring dance is a semi-formal event that will be held on Friday, February 26th. Since it is a semi-formal event, the dress code will be enforced. No jeans, chains, flip flops, sneakers, excessive back or cleavage, t-shirts, or head gear. Dress slacks are required, though ties are optional. All dresses and skirts must be an inch past fingertip length, and shawls or cardigans must be worn with strapless dresses. Any violations to the dress code, and you will not be permitted to enter the dance. The theme is Electric Avenue. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. We will be selling tickets on Thursday during parent teacher conferences.